Punggol HDB Ghost Story That Will Make You Wet Your Pants

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This was an account of my friend, who swore that it was true. He lived in a 5-room flat in Punggol, and what happened was that one night he began seeing the darkness move.

He dismissed it but he saw it the next night again, which forced even the I-don’t-believe-in-ghosts him to start having hesitations.

The following night he woke up during the night again and this time the moving shape seemed to resemble a human. By this time, he was seriously spooked and tried telling his family about it. His mum and sis were apathetic, but his dad was sympathetic.

He advised my friend to switch on the light throughout the night. He did, and that night nothing happened. For a while he was slightly relieved, but the following night when he had remembered switching on the light, he woke up yet again in the darkness and this time the moving darkness seemed to be sitting on the side of his bed, a hue that’s a tad bit white straying eerily close to his eyes.

He just jumped out of bed and leapt out of his room, all the while screaming.

When his sleepy parents finally calmed him down, he refused steadfastly to sleep in his own room, insisting on sleeping with his parents. For the following fortnight he camped in with his parents, and nothing happened.

Then the following night he found himself jerking awake, and to his utmost horror, he was back in his own room, tucked into his bed sheets and all. He couldn’t see the moving darkness, but something seemed to be by his ear, gently touching the tip before eventually folding it.

And when he instinctively looked up, he saw a faceless, white shape looking down at him, with nothing past the head. He doesn’t remember anything after that and was down with a non-stop fever the next two weeks.

His family eventually moved at his pleading, and since then he hasn’t gone through something like that.

He did hear from his dad though that supposedly the last owner of their flat at Punggol had had a miscarriage, and grief-struck, hung herself to be with the unborn child.

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