Put Ice Cubes Into a Washing Machine & The Shirt Won’t Need to be Ironed Anymore

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I think I’m the laziest person in Singapore when I often buy wrinkle-free clothes just so that I won’t need to iron my clothes until I realised that many of my friends are doing the same thing.

The fact is that ironing a shirt is a pain in the ass when you’re already rushing to work every morning.

Who the heck cares about your clothes when your boss is about to scold you for being late?

But everyone, fret not. Here’s another solution that will allow you to choose whatever clothes you want to buy, and without the need to iron them anymore.

What you need is a washing machine that comes with a dryer, or simply a dryer.

After the washing is done, just toss a few ice cubes into the machine when the dryer kicks in. When you retrieve the clothes, ta-da! You’ll magically have wrinkle-free clothes.

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This isn’t rocket science: The logic behind this is that the ice cubes will be melted, therefore creating steam that straightens the clothes.

The trick is not to put in too many ice cubes—a few would do, and ensure that there are at least three clothes in the machine (but then again, which idiot would wash and dry one shirt?).

Now that you know this, it’s time to stock up on your ice cubes!

Just remember not to use those ice cubes made with syrup, if not…

Featured Image: candy3 / Shutterstock.com

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