Real ghost encounter near Yishun shows why you shouldn’t piss anywhere

Mandai Road leads all the way to Yishun from Woodlands Road, but in the middle of the road, there leads a small road, also called Mandai Road, that leads to Sembawang Road and also to Mandai Crematorium.

If you’ve been there before, you’ll know there’s a small, “ulu” forested stopover that seems innocent in the morning, but is a different story altogether at night.

The legend is that once, a man, let’s call him Richard as the story did not provide us with a name, decided to stop over there at around 2.00 a.m. after working late.

He needed to piss and just could not wait any longer, so he parked his car there, turned off the engine and went to piss near a tree. The entire area was serene, with only the sounds of leaves dropping.

After Richard was done with his business, he went back to his car but could not start the engine. Stuck in a no man’s land, he called for a tow truck that needed at least 45 minutes to arrive.

With nothing to do, he sat nearby when someone out of nowhere appeared. A frail man in his fifties, he was wearing a white singlet and black pants. Richard stood up immediately—he couldn’t believe someone was nearby. Maybe someone is having a secret affair here? he thought.

“What happened?” the man said in Mandarin.

Richard explained everything, and the man’s face turned green when he learnt that Richard did not say “excuse me” before pissing.

“That’s very rude!” The man began to get defensive, and any fear of the supernatural Richard had was overshadowed by the man’s surprise outburst.

“Relax, Bro,” Richard told the man.

The man then explained about spirits living around the area, and that each tree around there was occupied by a spirit. Richard merely laughed, but the man warned him to be careful.

“They have no eyes, but they’re watching,” the man said as Richard saw a tow truck appearing.

Before Richard could retort, the man vanished—just disappear, out of nowhere. Richard took a step back but convinced himself that it was just his imagination. Once the truck pulled over, the mechanic got down to work immediately.

He couldn’t find anything wrong so he would have to tow it back to the workshop for further inspection. Once both of them were in the tow truck, the mechanic said, “You talking to yourself just now?”

“There was an old man…” But Richard could not complete his sentence. He felt a rush of blood drained into his brain when he saw, through the side mirror of the tow truck, that the old man was inside his towed car, together with a family.

The thing was…every member of the family, except the old man, was headless.

According to the official report, Richard had died from a heart attack. But the tow truck mechanic highlighted again and again that before Richard died, he had explained everything before collapsing.

And the car, upon inspection, had absolutely nothing wrong—it could start once it was in the workshop.

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