Reduce your data usage by changing a setting in mobile Google Chrome


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

I’m sure if you look at your SMS inbox, you always receive this SMS once a month: “You have used more than your local data bundle on <your number> as of <time + date>….Excess data charges will apply.” While I understand that telecoms have no choice but to generate revenue with excess data, we consumers are always trying to find ways to avoid that.

And do you know that if you surf the Internet with your phone often, you can reduce your data usage by a fair bit without compromising on your experience?

This only applies to Google Chrome users—so the solution for people using other browsers is to use Google Chrome instead (I’m waiting to be a Google ambassador; D). Just follow these instructions:

1. Open your Google Chrome browser
2. Go to menu, then setting
3. Find “Advanced”
4. Tap on “Reduce data usage”

Without going into the technical terms on why that can be done, I will just give you an example: when you go to a website, your phone downloads single picture and words on the website to your browser so that you can see the website. When you switch this on, the phone will download less, YET showing the exact same page because you’ve once been there (so it doesn’t re-download the same image but show the previously downloaded images). Cool? It’s old technology to some and new to some.

So go ahead and save some money now. Thank me later.


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