Remember Ah Jie 郭妃丽 (Phyllis Quek)? Here’s what she’s up to now


Last Updated on 2016-09-22 , 10:03 am

Do you remember Phyllis Quek who has captured plenty of our hearts in Singapore? Or have you forgotten about her in the wake of the new actresses and actors popping up in Singapore?

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This well-known beauty with a mole on the forehead was scouted in the 1995 Star Search awards where she placed 3rd place in the competition, and if that’s not impressive enough, she went on to impress us with debut performance in Beyond Dawn (女子监狱) and was nominated awarded the Best Newcomer Award at MediaCorp’s Star Awards in 1996.

Back in her heyday, she had starred opposite big name stars like Aaron Kwok and Daniel Woo in the movie 2000 A.D., and was boosted onto the regional scene in Asian Media.

She was also the first Singapore Artiste to endorse Marie France Bodyline, although you’d probably find it funny how she got the endorsement deal. They approached her because she made the front page for gaining noticeable weight at the Star Awards 2003. Yes, she got the deal because she grew fat.

So, what has this impressive actress been up to since she completely disappeared from Singapore showbiz scene after her last movie, The Ultimate Winner (赢家)?

In 2011, she married Australian businessman, David Cox and had her wedding banquet on the 23rd of June 2013. They were introduced by a mutual friend, who thought she needed to get herself off the shelf and arranged to drag her out to meet more people.

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They met at the Singtel Formula One Grand Prix, where her husband David Cox flew in with a couple of friends to catch the race. They hit it off and kept in contact through WhatsApp and Skype. They registered their union in December 2012, with his teenaged son and daughter, sister and mother in attendance.

Last we found in 2012, she is working full time at PPP aesthetic clinic as a patient relationship manager and has been doing so for 1 and a half years. In an interview with 8 Days magazine, she mentioned that acting to her is just a hobby while her full-time employment is working as a consultant at the clinic, where she meets with clients when the doctors are busy and explain about the treatments, pricing and other basic enquiries.

And just to add on to the confusion, according to a report that appeared on Shin Min daily, she wasn’t the Patient Relationship Manager of the clinic, but is, in fact, the co-owner of PPP Aesthetic clinic which has since expanded to a few outlets located all around Singapore.

We are unable to verify which of the above is true, so we’d advised you to take the information above with a pinch of salt. That’s what we’ll be doing too!


She appeared in public spotlight again in 2014, where she attended Yvonne Lim’s wedding in September 2014 with her husband, David Cox.