Remember Chen Wei Lian? What he’s up to now is pretty amazing

From busker on the streets to winner of Project Superstar, Chen Wei Lian is probably THE modern Singapore story of a guy who went from rags-to-riches.

After winning the competition, he went on to produce 3 albums with Warner Music, the first of which我只是想要 was certified platinum within 5 days of its release, the second album i伟联 which went on to sell 15,000 copies in Singapore and 20,000 copies in Taiwan. The third album 走唱陈伟联 was 5th in the Taiwan charts in February 2010.

He had also appeared in 881, the getai movie and a few television dramas, but he declined further acting roles because there’s nothing else he could act as except for a blind man. He has also been known to participate in Singapore and Taiwanese variety shows, although some Taiwanese hosts rejected him because they felt he could not take their particular brand of humor.

His contract with Warner Music expired in September 2010, and was not given a renewal.

But if you’d have thought that his dreams and 5 minutes of fame ended there, then you’re never more wrong. We’ve all seen the Chen Wei Lian who conquered the stage on Project Superstar with his unassuming appearance and amazing voice, but have you seen the Chen Wei Lian of 2015?

In 2011, a report was ran on him, and in his own words, he has “downgraded”, from a Mandopop singer who conquered Singapore and attempted to conquer Taiwan, to a has-been who’s now out from the limelight and working at Ngee Ann’s Polytechnic’s permanent exhibition, Dialogue in the Dark where he was one of the visually-impaired guides to lead visitors on a tour within total darkness, letting them experience what it’s like to be blind.

Regardless, he remained upbeat and said he still has his passion (singing) regardless of the size of the stage, and might even return to busking after a short break. “I’ve experienced the fame and stardom, that’s enough…Yes, the bright lights are not so bright anymore. But in the first place, I can’t see the lights.”

In 2015, he will be taking on a new challenge: representing Singapore in the Asean Para Games. He will be part of the 145-strong contingent, and will be taking part in goalball, a game for blind athletes where they attempt to roll the ball into the opponent’s goal.


He has been training hard for the event, 3 times a week at Yishun Sports hall, and said that because they are new, they will be participating for the experience, and hopefully have fun in the process.

He hoped to see more Singaporeans make their way down to support the team, and also hope that by doing this, he hopes to reach out to other Singaporeans with disabilities and impart the belief that sports is a big part of life.

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