Remember Michael Learns to Rock? Well, they’re still rocking 25 minutes too late


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 3:41 pm

For those of us who have no idea who are what Michael Learns to Rock is, how about 25 minutes? Contrary to their name, it’s not just about Michael. They’re actually a Danish pop band that started way back in 1988. Yes, they were part of the wave back then together with Backstreet Boys, Westlife, N Sync, S Club 7, etc.

They were pretty popular and have sold over 11 million records so far, mostly in Asia. Their songs are known to mostly consist of ballads – which listeners found very soothing and motivational to listen to. The band has produced many greatest hits, with ’25 Minutes’ being one of such hits. Just go to any KTV and you’ll hear at least one or two rooms belting out the ballad. Off-key.

The band broke through in 1993 with their album ‘Colours’ that included hot singles such as 25 Minutes and Out of the Blue.Also in 1993, the band made their first tour in Asia, drawing in a lot more fans and supporters from the region. While the group faced troubles such as regrouping in 2004, they forged on to release an album named after their own group, Michael Learns to Rock.

So what has the group been up to? The last song that they’ve recorded was in 2014 called “Eternal Love”. It was the theme song of a Korean Drama and things quietened down after that. In July 2015, the band played in Singapore at The Star Performing Arts Centre as part of a tour to mark their 25th anniversary as a group. That performance was the first ever in Singapore, and was a memorable experience for them and their fans alike.

In an interview in 2010, guitarist of the group Mikkel Lentz said “The reason we stay together is because it makes sense. Our fans come to our shows and we still enjoy playing and travelling, so why should we stop? “. With such an attitude and passion to create music for the fans, we can be sure that the band will continue to be part of our lives.

According to Shanghai Daily, the band will be performing this year at the Shanghai-based Dragon TV’s New Year’s gala together with other artistes like Psy and Rain. The gala will be aired on 8th Feb on Dragon TV so keep a lookout!


Well, be rest assured that they are still learning to rock, and will never stop no matter what. Good news for the fans! True music never dies. Peace out.

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