Remember Moses Lim? Here’s what he’s doing now, and he’s so much thinner now

If you’re not that young, this would remind you of a line. “Long, long ago, in the southern province of China…” Made popular by Moses Lim, people who watched TV in the 90s (wait, actually, everyone watched TV back then) would be familiar with that line, and the hit sitcom Under One Roof.

A very well-received sitcom then, it has been distributed overseas beyond Asia, and is the first Singapore sitcom to be aired in Canada. While everyone in the team deserved credit, it is Moses Lim that most would remember.

His other widely popular show, Comedy Night, has also made Chinese-speaking Singaporeans laugh every Monday night. So, after so many years, where’s Moses Lim and what is he doing now?

Recently, there has been a news about a porridge restaurant associated with Moses Lim closing down due to labour crunch, but in fact, it is a restaurant ran by his son-in-law and daughter, with him as the consultant. So, other than being in the news, what’s our favourite funnyman been up to?

Apparently, even during his heydays in TV, he has been actively working as a gourmet expert, having founded his own company Moses Lim Gourmet Club.

He’s apparently a pretty well-established food critic before the days of food bloggers, and is being known as a food connoisseur. Ever since his first gourmet tour in 1993, he has been actively conducting tours, and his tours have been very well-received and sought-after.

After all, who won’t like a true-blue food lover, and an entertaining one at that, to bring them to seek out the best food in the world? I for one would go for it!

Now at almost 65, he has just starred in a recent movie, Our Sister Mambo, which sort of played tribute to Under One Roof, and is also homage to the Cathay classic Our Sister Hedy that was aired in 1957.

Now, back to the most important question: with him having to eat so much in his job, how’s his weight?

According to an interview given to The Straits Times last year, he has been actively watching his weight, and is now at a reasonable 80 kg.

Before that, seven years ago, he was at 125 kg. I don’t know about you, but that’s a heck of an improvement. Here’s an image to prove that: 


Now, isn’t that inspiring?

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