Remember Our Teenage Love Fiona Xie? Well, She’s Now…

Back in the early 200s, Fiona Xie or rather, Xie Wan Yu, became a household name due to her role as Wen Zi in the comedy series, My Genie. Did you know that before the pint-sized actress began acting, she modelled for print advertisements and television commercials too? She won the Best Newcomer Award at the 2001 Star Awards despite having only joined Mediacorp for a little over a year.

After she signed on as an actress with Mediacorp, she started acting more regularly with her next most memorable role as a competitive swimmer in The Champion where she was required to run down Orchard Road in just a bikini along with Felicia Chin. Since then, Xie has had numerous awards and achievements to her name, such as being listed in FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Women Singapore as the sexiest, took part in Deal Or No Deal where her winnings all went into a charity organisation, and scoring a role in a film production.

Unfortunately, the talented actress quit Mediacorp in 2009 abruptly and little was mentioned about her since then.

Towards the end of 2009, it was said that Xie moved to Hong Kong and met a 23-year-old Australian-American who was “incredibly wealthy” and her junior of 4 years, according to various sources. The actress was seen in the same year accompanied by 4 bodyguards whilst on her shopping trip.

In 2011, Xie returned to Singapore for a short time and in Yahoo!’s interview with her, she revealed that she had been enroling herself in art and fashion classes and at the same time, worked for a Polish photographer who specialises in black-and-white photography.

In the same interview, she also shut down rumours of her being pregnant and being a star-for-hire at private parties in New York.

Not much is known about the elusive ex-actress except her occasional Instagram posts about her travels, random quotes, and selfies. Despite having left Mediacorp for 6 years, Xie still enjoys a good number of followers on her Instagram account at about 58,000.

From her Instagram, it can be deduced that Xie is currently living the high life with recent updates depicting her attending a Halloween party in Tokyo with a model dressed in a cat mask, bright pink wig, and a short black dress.

Arissa Cheo, the wealthy Singaporean (ex) wife of Taiwanese singer Vaness Wu, can occasionally be spotted in her photos. It is unknown as to whether or not Xie is still together with her boyfriend but we are just glad she seems to be doing great.

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