Remember Wong Li-Lin? Here’s what she’s up to now, and why she’ll be back

If you’re just like me, you should once have a crush on Wong Li-Lin. You pitied her character in Triple Nine, and have always wanted to step into the CID office just to look for Inspector Elaine Tay. But slowly, you realized that Triple Nine was just a TV drama, and then she broke our hearts by leaving the show.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like Wong Li-Lin used to be then one of the prettiest actresses. Just take a look at this.


So, after her last drama, The Reunion (顶天立地), and then a sudden comeback to the screen, this time the big screen, in The Leap Years in 2008, what has our teenage crush been up to?

Well, it’s not too much of a secret that Wong Li-Lin has been a dancer since the beginning of her life, and even won the prestigious Loke Cheng Kim scholarship to the Royal Ballet School in London.  She has been actively in the dancing industry for a long period of time.

When she was not in showbiz, she had been pursuing a Master’s degree in Anthropology at University of Surrey, where she graduated in 2001. So, what has she been doing in the last few years? To put it simply, she has been a full-time mother to her two kids and lived in China with her ex-husband Allen Wu.  However, after their high-profile separation in 2013, she is now back in Singapore.

Not only has she been excited at the prospect of coming back to showbiz now, she also runs a business, Loopz Fitness, a fitness band that can be used for exercising anywhere. Here, you can see how fit she looks even at the age of 40.

Once a Fly Entrainment artiste, she is now signed on Bliss Inc, but has plans to expand her business and do acting on a freelance or part-time basis, as she would like to spend more time with her kids.

In other words, our teenage crush will be back. Woohoo!

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