Resident Evil-styled Wedding That Is Just Too Damn Scary


Last Updated on 2016-11-15 , 1:07 pm

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of occasion for majority of people. It is because it only happens once that most couples look to make their wedding one of the most memorable and perfect day of their lives. This couple from the United Kingdom did exactly that but gave it a slight twist – by holding a zombie-themed wedding.

Jennifer Jones and Rob Blackmore have been fans of zombies and Halloween since they were little and jumped at the chance to hold a zombie-themed wedding when a Facebook competition organised by the creators of horror game, Dead Island Riptide, gave them the opportunity to do so. The couple won over the judges with their enthusiasm for the game series and had their ceremony decorated as a “hellish” Caribbean paradise and attended by the undead.

“When technology grew and computer games came out, the first zombie game I played was Resident Evil. From there it just escalated and I became a huge fan. I’ve never played a zombie game I haven’t liked,” said Blackmore, a 31-year-old warehouse assistant.

Jones felt the same as her husband and revealed that they had already planned to hold their wedding on Halloween but this idea made her big day even better.

“My mum wasn’t even surprised. Everyday is like Halloween for me. She loved the idea. It was never going to be like that. We wanted to get married on Halloween anyway so it was always going to be a spooky, creepy, weird wedding,” Jones said.

Clearly, the two were made for each other and even death will not do them part.


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