Robbers’ new tactic in M’sia: Don’t drive over oranges on the road!


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:55 pm

It’s common for Singaporeans to take a trip to Malaysia, but as Singaporeans are so used to the low crime locally, they often forget that over in other parts of the world, the world isn’t as safe as it looks to be.

If you go to Malaysia often, you should know that some of the roads might not be that smooth—sometimes, there’re potholes, and in some areas, there’re road humps that you can’t see. It’s always better to be safe than sorry there—but here’s one tip-off that you might not have heard before.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, it’s common to see oranges everywhere. I guess most wouldn’t bat an eye when they see an orange on the road—maybe someone dropped it?

But if you drive over it, it could be a trap after all.

It has been widely circulated on Facebook that some robbers’ new modus operandi in Malaysia is by putting oranges on the road. When cars drove over them, thinking that the worst is mere orange juice on their wheels, they’ll be surprised to know that their tyres would be punctured, forcing them to stop.

That’s because nails are being pierced into the oranges, so when a car runs over them, it’s essentially driving over sharp nails.


When the car is unable to move anymore, the robbers will run in and rob the car as the driver comes out of the car to check the damage. Since the car is essentially down, the driver would have no place to run except to surrender.

Well, it’s a Facebook post, so we can’t verify the authenticity of it, but hey: as mentioned, it’s better to be safe then sorry, eh? If you can change lane safely to avoid the oranges, why not? If it’s too late, just remember this: lock your car and call the police immediately.

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