SAF has outdone itself with hilarious videos about army lingo


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:38 pm

Whether you like it or not, SAF has always been one of the more innovative organizations in Singapore. For those who have once served there, remember USMS? You get monetary incentive for suggesting an improvement. Also, if you are old enough, you’ll also be able to see the numerous changes they have made to make working in the organization more efficient.

While we can’t deny that not everyone is pleased to have served in the SAF, we have to admit that SAF has somewhat contributed to the Singapore culture. Who would forget the days when the guys sit at one corner, reminiscing about some “live-firing” or “ops parade” while the girlfriends sit at another table, bored and surprised that two years of army could bring so much conversation?

Language is part of culture, and once again, SAF has outdone itself by having a series of lingo that soldiers (and ex-soldiers—or in other words, most male Singaporeans) use, and making videos out from them through their YouTube channel, Cyberpioneertv. Want to learn the army lingo that has found its way to the civilian world? We’ve picked a few that you would, most likely, have heard in certain periods of your life.

It’s called Missing in Action. Because people missing in action means someone else has to do more, MIA is sometimes more serious than KIA (killed in action). Because, well, KIA just means that person is resting because he is “killed”.

Eye Power
Every single soldier, from Recruit to Major, should have done it before. It means just looking and doing nothing. Actually, this video should be “Eye + Mouth Power”. Because the real Eye Power is when people just stare—and do absolutely nothing.

Throw Smoke
Isn’t it “Throw Smoke Grenade”? Whatever it is, this is useful: from being in the army to work to quarrels with your girlfriend or wife. Well, we hope no girlfriends or wives see this.


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