Science says that upon meeting you, people will judge you on these 10 things within secs

When you meet someone for the first time, you will definitely have a rough impression of how he is like, this is done by observing his actions and things he says. This would usually give you a decision of whether or not that he or she is able to be friends with you or not.

This is know as the first impression. Sometimes the first impression you have of others may change after prolonged period of interaction with them. However experts have proven that there are certain things that people will base you on upon meeting you within seconds. Here are some things that are judged by others and the reasons why.

Trustworthiness means the amount of trust that an individual has of another person and this level of trust is determined by others almost immediately during their first seconds of meeting you

Social status
A person’s social status is reflected by the clothing he wears and this is very apparent as people will base their opinion of you differently if you are wearing branded clothes as compared to normal outfits


The type of conversation topic you share with others is a way for them to determine how smart you are. Apparently wearing glasses can help give the impression of an intelligent too, that is according to experts.

Level of success
For those who wish to give of the impression that they are successful, trying wearing tailor-made clothing. Experts have observed that those who wear custom made outfits are perceived to be more successful than those who do not.

At the workplace, it is observed that those who wear neat and crisp clothing are usually the ones that are implied to be in line for a promotion

The first impression of adventurous people are those who walk with a bigger step. However this is not an accurate measure and results have been gathered that has rejected this claim

Apparently those who have wider faces are thought to be more fierce and aggressive as compared to others. This may be down to the fact that expressing anger typically involves lowering eyebrows and raising of the upper lip, which is more evident in people with wide faces.

By looking at your facial expression from the first moment of meeting you, others can based how extroverted you are from your facial expression. Most extroverted people have a cheerful expression as they are able to express their emotions more openly.

Surprisingly, a first impression can determine how conscientious you appear to others. Experts have discovered that conscientious people are usually stand out from those who are less conscientious

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Experts have noticed that indivduals with shaved heads are perceived to be more dominant in nature as compared to those with a full head of hair

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