Selling things online? Make sure you deliver because the authorities are watching

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It’s common for us to make an official complaint to third-party e-commence shopping mall like Qoo10 or Amazon when we did not receive our goods. Usually, the website will step in and investigate, and should the buyer have really not received the items despite making payment, he or she will be refunded accordingly. The buyer’s interest is always the priority.

What about blogshops—online shops run by independent owners who can receive payment from buyers without a third party?

Unfortunately, it won’t be that easy for the buyer. Without a system to track order, payment and delivery, buyer’s interest is severely compromised.

But this recent news about a blogshop owner getting a jail term might deter more scammers.

Janet Tan May Lian has been running a legitimate blogshop on Facebook, but when she faced some financial difficulties, she decided to take it to the next level: she began to collect payment without delivering the goods. In total, she managed to receive more than $3,000 worth of payments.

In addition to that, she has committed several other offences, including but not limited to stealing a laptop and cash in the company she worked in. With 35 cheating offences, she was sentenced to 15 months in jail.

While it is not known how much of the jail term is related to her cheating in her blogshop, it certainly sends a message to all online seller: the authorities are watching.

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