SG to KL in 1.5hr by 2020? Here’re 6 things you must know about the KL–SG High Speed Rail


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:52 pm

It’s a dream come true for people who travel to KL often: currently, the most popular way to get to KL is through a bus ride that is affordable and pretty fast (around 4 to 5 hours). Some opt to travel by air, but sometimes, it just feels surreal because it is so near yet so far, especially when both airports are pretty far from town so the travel time is still essentially about 4 hours.

But despite it being called the Kuala Lumpur–Singapore High Speed Rail, it doesn’t just stop at these two cities. Here are six things we should know about the KL–SG High Speed Rail!

1. The train will stop at eight places, with one that is very near to Singapore
This includes Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The other stops are at Putrajaya, Seremban (Negeri Sembilan), Ayer Keroh (Malacca), Muar (Johor), Batu Pahat (Johor) and Nusajaya (Johor). Since Nusajaya is where many Singaporeans often go during the weekends, and with Singapore MRT going to connect Woodlands to JB, it could mean that the infamous Causeway jam will not be that bad after the rail is completed (crossing fingers!).

2. The initial goal is to have it operational by 2020
However, authorities have mentioned that, that deadline might not be feasible. By the end of 2015, they will provide us with new deadline. Hopefully…2019? =X

3. How fast is the train?
It now takes 1.5 hours to reach KL from Singapore—and if we add in waiting time, train transfer and immigration clearance, the total time should be about 2.5 hours. Since the railway is about 330 km, the average speed should be about 130 kmh.  Yay, faster than MRT, and definitely a lot faster than the current train from Singapore to KL!

4. A lot of things are still being planned
While deadlines are set with stops confirmed, the scale of this large project requires more planning than building a new MRT line. This includes finances, land use and whatnot—it’s not going to be simple, so we should all wait patiently for it (but faster a little, can? Maybe by 2019? =X)


5. No planned routes to Ipoh or George Town…yet
Yes, many Singaporeans are going to KL and Johor, but many Singaporeans are also going to Ipoh and George Town, too. And many Malaysians are coming from these two cities as well—so everyone is hoping that there’ll be a direct route to these two cities.
Unfortunately, no. But we can still take the KTM Electric Train Service from KL. And in case you ‘re not aware, Tigerair has also offered flights between Singapore and Ipoh starting from end of this month.

6. The terminal for the railway in Singapore is at Jurong East
You know what this means? This means next time, people will know which country you’re going for your vacation depending on which part of Singapore you go to: east and you’ll go somewhere far, west and you’ll just be in Malaysia.
Unless, that is, you’re going to Ipoh or George Town (but do Singaporeans still think of Malaysia as…overseas?!)

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