Why you shouldn’t say ‘it’s just two years mah’ to people serving NS


Last Updated on 2018-02-01 , 4:04 pm

Let’s be honest: If you had a choice, would you volunteer to serve two years of NS? Once you commit, you can’t withdraw.

I won’t know the answer, but I won’t even need to ask my friends to know their answer. Recently, there’s a video that shows that 99% of them says that NS is necessary, while 84% feels that two years is just right.

You see, we all know how important NS is—we all know why we have to do. We all know the bigger picture. But if given a choice, why not give others to serve?

I can’t give an answer since I have already completed my two-year NS, and reservist training is a chalet to meet up with old friends. If I were to be interviewed, I would most likely hold my head high and say, “Yes, of course. We’re the sons of Singapore.”

Well, that’s because it’s over. Or because of the camera there.

But truthfully speaking, unless we really have the passion for being in the military, commenting about NS and even saying that one will volunteer if given a choice is quite uncalled for.


It’s different when the commitment is real. I mean, volunteering for two months is okay—just treat it as a slimming centre with fast results.

But hello, two years is a long time.

To be frank, sometimes, when people say that “oh, two years, just go and have fun lah” to me, I will usually change the topic because it’s useless convincing him or her that two years is not two minutes.

I remember watching another video whereby some soldiers visited a school, and a few female students said something like this: “I wish females can also serve NS because it’s so cool!”


Yeah, if it’s one month, it’s cool. If it’s two years, you’ll 哭.

You see, my argument is that it’s very easy for someone to say something, but when they have to do it, it’s a different thing altogether. We know the bigger picture but we’re selfish.

Remember colleagues who often say that “it’s for the good of the company”? How many of them who said that was serious?

Maybe people should think before saying things like, “Yeah, if I have the choice, I’ll serve NS—three years also boleh!” because they will tidak boleh tahan.

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