6 hacks to eat at 50% discount every day in S’pore!

Don’t you think it’s immensely difficult to keep track of the discounts happening in different restaurants? Discounts when you eat at certain timings, discounts when you eat on certain days, discounts when you pay using certain cards, discounts when you flash certain memberships, discounts when you quote certain words, one-for-one discounts, and many, many more. It’s too much for one to keep track of! I wish news of discounted good food would automatically be downloaded straight to my mind. That’d be awesome, but technology’s too slow to be implemented so that can’t happen just yet. Sadface.

It is certainly easier if discounts from different restaurants congregate on a single platform – like a megamall of restaurants with discounted prices. Of course, this is logistically and financially impossible. Thus, if that were to exist, it should be online! So here’s your food hack to eating at 50% discount everyday:

Use Eatigo!

Eatigo is a time-based reservation mobile app (also on desktop) that helps you reserve seats in about 100 different restaurants! PLUS, your reservations are accompanied by up to 50% discount! There you go. That’s your food hack.

If you’re unconvinced, then here are some hacks that you can use with Eatigo.

1. Awesome time-based reservation

Awesome time-based reservation

The discounts you receive with help from Eatigo is actually dependent on your time of reservation. You’ll receive discounts of up to 50% almost every hour! Thus, it makes little sense for you to not  book through Eatigo in the first place. The discounts also serves as an indicator for  when restaurants are emptier – the higher the discounts, the emptier the restaurants usually are. Bask in the stillness and silence of the restaurant and be treated by the staff like kings and queens, since you’d be the only company they have! If you prefer dining in quieter places, then Eatigo satisfies that preference whilst giving you an added option of dining at a discount!

If you’re an office employee (which means lunch is probably at 12pm), you’d have to vary your lunch time sometimes! Even if you can’t make it for the 50% discount, don’t worry. As long as you make your reservations through Eatigo, discounts are imminent! Alternatively, it’s great for team lunches – reserve a table at the desired restaurant and add some discounts. Your colleagues will thank you for this.


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2. Possesses various restaurants located around Singapore

Eatigo 2Eatigo 3Eatigo 1

With over 350 restaurants in Bangkok, Pattaya and Singapore, Eatigo is constantly expanding. Bearing that in mind, it seems everywhere you go, there’s always food on discount. Hurray! Indulge in gluttony everywhere you go because life is sad and food is the only positivity left. In any case, if you’ve found yourself with company, but can’t decide on food, then let discounts be your guide. Simply whip out Eatigo’s app and search for the restaurants you’re closest to!

3. Easy reservation

It took me 30 seconds (no joke!) to reserve a seat for two! It’s totes simple.

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Open Eatigo > Choose your Restaurant > Book it > Receive Confirmation.

If you’re using the Eatigo app on your mobile, here are the steps!

Step 1: Open the app. You’ll see the categories that the restaurants belong to. Simply press on the location you’re headed to and then we’re at step 2.

Screenshot_2015-10-09-17-02-06 (1)

Step 2: Choose the restaurant desired.

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Step 3: Book it!


Screenshot_2015-10-09-17-03-52 (1)

Step 4: Confirm it!

Here’s the confirmation page!

SMS confirmation



Email confirmation (on mobile!)

Screenshot_2015-10-09-17-05-59 (1)

4. Completely free! No catch at all!

Yeap. Just like ShopBack, all the discounts in Eatigo is free! Including the app’s download. No joke. It says so here in their FAQ: FREE.

You peeps need to be more trusting. Not everything in this world requires money.


5. First time users get a free movie voucher with this code: “SBMV7” (till 30th Oct only!)

Get that movie voucher worth S$7.50 for FREE and catch The Martian. Movie after a heavily discounted meal? COUNT ME IN. I caught it. No regrets. It was GOOD. Matt Damon should be my second dad. Actually, Matt Damon should be everyone’s second dad. Makes it easier for us to find/save him. Saving Private Ryan would lasted 20 minutes only.

6. Great for foodie adventures

It’s not just great for routine lunches of course! If you’re a food enthusiast looking to have a food adventure then Eatigo can definitely help you along with that. Explore food on the cheap  – reserve restaurants when the discounts peak! The result is a string of cheap meals in new places! Food adventures are perfect for:

-An activity with your foreign visitors
-Team bonding sessions (with your army buddies, sporting teams, colleagues)
-Friendship reunions
-Exploring new food places
-Researching on specific dishes

Grab your friends and kick-start your adrenaline. There’s a good reason for you to eat more now and that reason comes with a 50% discount!



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