Singapore names that are so overused, you won’t want them for your kids


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If any of you will become a parent in future, you will come to know one of the hardest decisions in life is to come up with suitable name. You have to consider a shit ton of factors such as; the name must not be funny or embarrassing; the name must be meaningful and nice sounding etc.

And just when you think you got a good name, you spouse might probably dislike it and you have to start thinking all over again. So yea, it can really be troublesome. So, some parents just stick to common names for their kids. But because of this, such names become so overused to the point where parents don’t like to use them anymore because they are like almost everywhere.

So, if you want to name your kid in future and you want an overused name, steer clear of the names below. And for those people out there whose names are on this list, well too bad! Your name is freaking overused!

1) Alex
Also the name of yours truly, I bet we all know like at least 5-10 Alexes in our circle of friends.

2) John /Johnny
That is so cliché overused….

3) Tom
What next, Jerry?


4) Zhi Hao
I have like nearly 7-9 guys called Zhi Hao on my contact list.

5) Xin Yee
Go to any public place and shout: Is Xin Yee here? I guarantee you get at least 10-20 responses from the 10-20 Xin Yees there.

6) Sally

There are probably more girls with this name than the number of angmohs you see at Orchard Road.


7) Peter
Go to any place and shout: Peter!!! You confirm-plus-chop get a number of replies from at least a dozen Peters.

8) Richard
I know this name sound pretty “atas”  but IT IS SO OVERUSED to the point where it don’t sound atas anymore.

9) Mandy
You probably know nearly 20 girls called Mandy. Well, I do!

10) Zhi Ming
There are probably more people with this name than the number of cats under your HDB block.

11) Hui Min
That is soooooo not common…. (laughs sarcastically)

12) Wei Xiang



13) Jia Yi


14) Hui Ling
Refer to title.

15) Zhi Wei
There are probably more people with this name than the number of pigeons you see everyday! Know any more overused names? Share it with us in the comments!!


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