Singaporeans, you’ve queued and run for Hello Kitty. Now fly for Hello Kitty!

If there’s one licence that you need to own, that will be Hello Kitty. Either you gain a small profit or a large profit—loss is never a word associated with this licence.

Let’s recap. When Hello Kitty plush toys were sold in McDonald’s with a condition of buying a meal, people queued overnight and even quarrelled over it. Some threw away the meals just for the Hello Kitty. It ran out of stock so fast that some people have queued for nothing.  And we all remember the black Hello Kitty plush toy that was auctioned in eBay for $126,000.


Then, just less than six months ago, some people who seldom “pay to run” suddenly registered for the Hello Kitty Run. It has an overwhelming turnout and an overzealous crowd, with even non-participants taking the Hello Kitty finishers medals just to sell online. Of course, the medals, too, ran out.


And now, take this: a Hello Kitty-themed jet has been confirmed to fly permanently from Singapore to Taiwan by Taiwanese airline EVA Air. It’s not just the external of the jet that is thematic, mind you. Even the food served is Hello Kitty-themed.


Apparently, this Hello Kitty-themed jet is not new overseas, but yes, it’s new in Singapore. And with our history with the mouth- less cat, you can expect long queues, overzealous people and without a doubt, the word “Sold Out” flashing in front of you so fast that you wonder whether those Hello Kitty fans have picked up some running skills after the Hello Kitty Run.

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