Singapore’s and Malaysia’s ranks in 2015 Cost of Living Index

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Take a guess before reading this. Do you think Singapore tops the list?

Well, apparently not.

Switzerland tops the list, followed by Norway and Venezuela. Singapore is at #8. We are, at least, the highest in Asia, with South Korea at 18 and Japan at 21 respectively. Is that good or bad? You decide, since higher cost of living would also show that the country is wealthy.

In case you’re a Malaysian and are wondering what your country’s rank is, it’s at 88. No wonder Singaporeans are going to Malaysia to buy their groceries and retirement home, eh?

Here’s the list by for readers in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia:

1. Switzerland
3. Venezuela
4.  Iceland
5. Denmark
6.  Australia
7. New Zealand
8. Singapore
9. Kuwait
10. United Kingdom

88. Malaysia

105. Philippines

108. Indonesia

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