Six reasons why WeChat is better than WhatsApp


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

There are six reasons why WeChat is better than WhatsApp, and there’s only one reason why WhatsApp is better than WeChat. Let’s just get over with WhatsApp’s point first, okay?

WhatsApp has more users than WeChat
Well, most, if not all, of our friends have WhatsApp. Okay, that’s it, dude!

Now that, that’s out of the way, we can focus on the six reasons why WeChat is better than WhatsApp. Don’t know what WeChat is? The easiest way to describe WeChat is this: It works just like WhatsApp, but with additional features. Even the background colour of its logo is green, so it’s common for one to open WeChat when he or she intends to tap on WhatsApp. And the first letter of…arh, you get it.

Now, why is WeChat better?

1. WeChat has more interesting animated emoticons
When we first used WhatsApp, we were awed by the number of emoticons we could choose from. There were even icons of cars, buildings, animals and hand gestures!
But WeChat has raised the bar: their emoticons move. That itself, plus the fact that they’ve more, makes WhatsApp look almost old-fashioned.

2. WeChat has video calls and a “walkie-talkie” style function
And what does WhatsApp has? “Last seen on…”


3. WeChat doesn’t require you to expose your contact number
WeChat has a social add-on that works like Facebook + Instragram, but it can only be viewed on a smartphone. And that gives you the option to merely show a username instead of a contact number. It may seem like a small issue, but with the Internet becoming scarier every passing day, masking your contact number to total strangers is always a good add-on.

4. WeChat is free
WhatsApp is, well…erm, what’s up with the $0.99 that no one ever pays? Every single year, they extend it to us for free. Has anyone paid for it? I’ve not heard of anyone who has so far.
But at least, WeChat claims to be free. You know, WhatsApp is like Giordano —forever showing the high price with everyone knowing the real price.

5. WeChat allows you to use your browser as a client
WhatsApp just provided this function. JUST. Check it out here. So WeChat still wins due to “first-mover advantage”.

6. WeChat allows you to make new friends all over the world
Imagine this: you’re in a party and there’s one cute girl whom you would like to know. If both you and her have WeChat and have activated the “Look Around” add-on in your WeChat, you can just find out what her name is without even speaking to her.
And if you’re into long-distance friendship or relationship, you can simply shake your phone to talk to a stranger—who is, in any part of the world, also shaking his or her phone. Add randomness with fate and you’ll have a perfect friendship—or relationship.


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