Someone found a pair of shoes in an HDB void deck. She did not know it was haunted.

For those of you living in HDB flats, you will have one point in time saw some shoes being left at the void decks. Some of them actually look brand new. But here’s the thing. DO NOT take them just because they look new because they might be cursed or haunted and might just kill you if you ever did. This is a story of a girl who found a brand new pair of heels at the void deck and took them, not knowing that she sealed her fate the moments she wore  those shoes.

It was around 7:30pm and Kate was on her way home after an exhausting day at work. She arrived at the void deck and was about to enter a lift when something caught her eye. It was a pair of blue heels. The design was very stunning and it looked brand new, as if no one have worn it before.

Why would anyone leave a brand new pair of heels out in the open just like that? Being a fan of heels, Kate could not resist the temptation to take it. After all, it looked fashionable and totally new. Kate stared at her own heels. They are getting old and outdated. It’s time for a change of heels.

Kate scooped up the blue heels and brought them home.

“Ma, look what I found. Pretty right?”

“Wah, Nice leh. Where you get one?”

“I found it below at the void deck. Someone just left it there and I thought it will be a waste if I let it remain there. I always wanted to get new heels and I just today was my lucky day!”

“Huh? Below void deck ah? Kate, I think you should not keep them. I mean, think about, why would anyone throw away something so new and nice? May be they are haunted”

“Nonsense. Ma, you watch too many ghost movie liao lah! You know I don’t believe one. Maybe someone dropped it leh. I don’t care, I am keeping them” And Kate went back into her room.

Kate’s mum rolled her eyes. Her daughter can be very stubborn at times.  She can only hope that the shoes are “clean”

The next morning, around 6 am, Kate went off to work wearing those new blue heels. She was intending to show them off. Her colleagues will be so jealous at how nice it looked and that she got it for absolutely zero dollars.

Kate headed for the lift, which was open. But she did not get in. For some unknown reason, her legs took her to their stairs and started to climb.

“What the…” Kate tried to get her feet to stop but they just kept on moving.

It was like her feet were not hers anymore. No matter what she did, they did not stop.

Then she remembered what her mum said.

” why would anyone throw away something so new and nice? May be they are haunted” Kate tried to pry those heels off but they seem to be stuck to her feet.  She started to scream, but no voice came out. Her scream was silent.

Kate tried to grab on to the railings but the shoes were too strong and kept on dragging her up. Kate was beside herself in fear and was crying so hard her face was a complete mess. She kept begging her feet to stop but to no avail.

Finally, they reached the 12th floor. Her legs approached the railings along the corridor and hoisted themselves up. Kate knew where her feet, or rather her legs was bringing her. To her death.

She attached herself to the railings and refused her let go. She opened her voice to scream but no sound came out. Basically, she was dangling at the edge of the 12th floor, with her legs forcing her downwards but she refused to let go. She did not dare to look down. It was a long drop from the 12th to the 1st floor.

A resident came out of his house, preparing for work and saw Kate. He immediately tried to drag her up but he just couldn’t. He shouted for all the neighbours to come out and help. But despite having all the neighbours, around 10 of them pulling at Kate, they just cannot bring her up. All of them can feel Kate’s hands slipping. They couldn’t hold on much longer.

‘Call the cops! Call the Ambulance! Hurry!” one neighbour but it did not help much as Kate’s fingers slipped from their grasp and they can only watch her begin her descent to the first floor.

By the time the police arrived, her whole body was a mess. Blood was everywhere, forming a pool around her. Her mother was by her side, sobbing her eyes out had had to be dragged away by the police. But the interesting was that, the shoes were not on her feet anymore. They were just lying by her side.


And not stained in blood. It was still in its pristine condition. The last thing it was seen, it was taken by the police.

So, next time, when you see a new and stunning pair of shoes, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT pick them up!!


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