Someone in school asked for help, I didn’t know how to, and she got angry. Should I post on social media?


Recently, I was in school, minding my own business, when a lady in office wear approached my table.

Thinking that it could be someone trying to sell me something (in SIM, there would be people going around doing survey and eventually trying to sell something like an insurance policy), I looked at my laptop immediately.

“Hello,” she said, in an almost polite tone, “do you know where I can make payment? The office to make payment?”

“Huh”? I said. Why would she ask me instead of the information counter?

“You know where I can make payment?”

“I’ve no idea,” I said, and I vividly remembered a smile upon my answer.

The lady’s face went black immediately, as if I had just said something wrong. She shook her head, and with a sigh, she banged my table with her file to show her frustration before walking away.

I continued what I was doing, and that was when I realized something: I’ve done nothing wrong, she was rude, I should be angry, so should I take an image of her and post it on my social media account? After all, with Facebook’s algorithm, it’s so damn easy to get something viral, simply because of what she has done.


But of course, I didn’t. I wasn’t angry, nor offended. But what if I were? And ta-da: we’ve yet another case of “Man intends to report to NEA for invisible cockroaches in hawker stall & the Internet goes crazy or “A witness said what happened during the LTA officer fight. The Uber driver should be trembling now”. And yes, by now, you should completely believe every single thing that occurred that day.

What if…what if I had apparently scolded her first for disturbing me? What if I’ve initially shown her my hand when she asked? What if I had said something more as well? Obviously, I’ll leave them out.

I want to portray the image of a victim, and her as the bad person, simply because I want revenge: I want to shame her for making me angry, regardless of whose fault it is. And I’ll win. I’ll win simply because I posted a one-sided story first.

Anyway, I’m not going to go on and on. If you get what I mean so far, you should understand what I’m trying to do: that, well, there’re just too many one-sided stories floating on the Internet, playing the victim just for revenge.

Is it time that we stop this unhealthy trend…simply by ignoring them? Because if you realize, what the “victims” want is never about awareness. Never.

What do you think?

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