Song Joong Ki Coming to S’pore on 8 Aug 2017. Here’s Why

Before Song Joong Ki becomes a married man, he’ll be visiting Singapore first.

So for all you fangirls who still hope to shake the hand of the bachelor, note this date: it’s 8 August 2017.

Earlier this year, the Descendants of the Sun star made a shocking announcement that broke the heart of many: he’s getting married to his DotS co-star, Song Hye Kyo, on 31 October 2017. It took Asia by storm because no one knew that they were dating, much less getting married.

And one of the reasons why Song Joong Ki is hiding the relationship? He did not want that to affect the box office of his latest movie, The Battleship Island.

Which is interesting because he’s going to be here in Singapore to promote the film.

Image: Facebook (Battleship Island 군함도)

This movie, which Song Joong Ki signed even before the success of Descendants of the Sun, is one of the reasons why Descendants of the Sun 2 would not feature him since he would be packed with the production and promotion of the film.

Like, you know, coming to Singapore to promote it.

According to the film distributors Golden Village Pictures and Clover Films, they would provide more details of his visit soon.

Of course, it won’t be just Song Joong Ki who is coming: his fellow co-stars Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub will be coming as well, together with the director of the film, Ryoo Seung Wan.

As the title suggests, The Battleship Island is a military-based movie, but the “battleship” in the title doesn’t refer to any sea soldiers: it’s a real island that is being mined for coal between 1887 to 1974, and during the Japanese occupation, Koreans were sent there as force labourers.

Song Joong Ki played the role of a resistance fighter who sneaked into the island to save a key person.

Over 40% of the scenes will be computer generated.

Image: Facebook (Battleship Island 군함도)

The current Battleship Island has now become a tourists’ attraction. I’m pretty sure more people would be visiting it soon, though the movie is actually being shot in a former US Army Base in Korea.

We wrote about this movie last year, and was hoping that it would come to Singapore. It seems like our wishes were granted!

Here’s the trailer. I don’t know about you, but Korea movies seem to be gaining a traction here in Singapore!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Battleship Island 군함도)


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