Spooky encounters in Old Tampines Road that make it S’pore’s most haunted road

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For the horror buffs out there, Old Tampines Road must surely be an iconic location. After all, the number of ghost stories spanning that area is so high I reckon you could create a 700 page-long novel with them (provided you add descriptive text, because for some reason the stories are almost always consequential-based).

But you get my idea; that road isn’t for the faint-hearted and by the sounds of it not exactly for the strong-hearted either. One particular story involves a tomb under a tree, and how a person supposedly got possessed.

A coffee shop owner in Tampines started acting strange one day, when she started dealing out money to bewildered customers. It was initially tolerable, but things got out of hand when she became violent and attempted to hack someone with a chopper.

Believing it to be a case of ‘spiritual possession’, a medium was called in to check on her. After a while, the medium started the most incredible tale ever. According to him, the ghost had been a young woman of Malaysian origins, and had come to Singapore for work sometime in 1984.

Disaster fell, however, and she was raped and killed. The murderer buried her body under a tree, just across the road. The victim can’t find peace, and thus resorted to haunting the area until her body could be given proper treatment.

The medium, disbelieving, motioned for the possessed woman to lead the way to the said tree. The coffee shop owner did as such, and reached a particular barren tree. Immediately, she began digging the earth with her bare hands.

The onlookers, shocked and fearful, watched on as the dirt was swept away to reveal the bones of a dead girl. The medium set to work instantly – he set up ritual tablets and prepared incense.

The spirit didn’t leave easily – it took five whole hours before the spirit finally left the coffee shop owner’s body. Yet even with all the work, the spirit lingers on in that area. The medium said that because the girl’s parents could not be contacted, true peace could not be achieved.

Interestingly, the tree is no longer barren since that incident, and according to a Fengshui master makes absolute sense – trees are after all known to have too much yin energy. Other encounters aren’t quite as publicized, but are nevertheless no less horrifying.

Taxi drivers have claimed that there was a disappearing woman whom would always flag them down at the juncture at Old Tampines Road, at the same time everyday. If they choose to ignore her, she would be gone from sight in the rear view mirror.

If they ignorantly picked her up, the smell of frangipani would greet them once the taxi reaches the end of the road. There’s also the ominous sightings of bats at late night, and how they sometimes form ‘shapes’ in shadows.

One account reported seeing a human made entirely out of bats, and how ‘he’ could actually ‘talk’. While there are a myriad of ‘haunted’ roads in Singapore, Old Tampines Road would surely have to take the crown as the ‘most haunted road in Singapore’.

It isn’t just the fact that the number of ghost stories transcend boundaries in that area; it’s the fact that 6 whole temples were built just to make the area less spooky.

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