Spooky reason why the Pasir Ris Tower is known as the “Suicide Tower”


Last Updated on 2016-09-15 , 7:58 am

Pasir Ris is a beautiful, developed town, but just like any towns, there’re haunted areas, and anyone living in the east would know which area is most haunted—the famous Pasir Ris Tower in Pasir Ris Beach, commonly known as “Suicide Tower” to some.

For people staying in the west, here’s are some brief facts: it’s the beach near several chalets. That explanation should suffice, right? It just means that you’ve been there before—but maybe not to the Pasir Ris Tower.

The Pasir Ris Tower is a bird-watching tower that has about three storeys (depends on how you define “storey”). It is farther away from the beach, and during daytime, it is a beautiful small tower that seems to have taken you back in time.

But come night falls, the stories surrounding it aren’t that pretty anymore.

One of the most common reason why it’s called a Suicide Tower is that once, there was a boy who had a “third eye”, so he could see spirits. One day, he saw something on the tower and told his friends about it. That night, all of them cycled there and while his friends were resting on the ground, the boy inexplicably just ran up to the highest floor…and jumped down.

The friends immediately called for help. While the boy was still conscious, he told his friends that he was just standing there and someone—or something—pushed him down. The boy didn’t survive; he passed away while on the way to the hospital.


From then on, it seemed that people started to call it the Suicide Tower. Some people said he was possessed while others said spirits had pushed him down.

After this, there have been many paranormal sightings at the tower. Most people would claim that there would be two ladies at the top of the tower, with some saying that they’re potianaks. Some would experience some kind of presence even when they were near tower, and just stopped their ghost-hunting intention altogether.

What do you think? Have you been there before, and have you “sensed” something there?

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