S’pore Blue Tarantula is a 23cm Spider That Could Be in an HDB Room

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The Singapore Blue Tarantula is pretty popular these days. You know, the spider with the blue legs? Yes, that big blue spider.

But maybe you’ve that fear of cockroaches, because those slimy little creatures are so disgusting, fast and to some extent, scary.

Well, that’s nothing because what you’re about to read is ten times scarier, and nth times more disgusting.

Singapore Brue Tarantula For Sale In Singapore

The Singapore Blue Tarantula (oh, yes, its name has the word “Singapore” because it’s a true-blue Singaporean) is a spider that can only be found in Singapore and Malaysia. Also known as the Singapore Blue, it can grow up to 23 cm and is one of the largest spiders in the world.

The name comes from the colour of the spider: it has long, thick blue legs and moves pretty fast. Before that, maybe you need to see a better image of this Singapore- and Malaysia-born spider.

Image: descoteaux.xyz
Image: descoteaux.xyz

Scary enough?

Well, the fact that they could be in your HDB is even scarier. Some people like to keep it as a pet because of its unique colour, but it’s apparently a pretty aggressive spider, and does not like humans.

Here’s a video of how someone captures a Singapore blue.

Notice how big it is?

These spiders are only active at night, and they feed on small creatures like cockroaches, mice and even birds. After eating, their stomach can become so big that its size will increase two-fold (yeah, so you’ve yet to see the largest of it).

Although it does have venom in its fang while defending itself (I think this needs to be reiterated: it’s a loner and hates humans), the venom is relatively harmless unless one is allergic to it.

Now, here’s the thing: these creatures are extremely rare, almost as rare as our colleague Leon finding a girlfriend. And let’s face it: while they live in Singapore, they might not be in your room – though we really can’t discount the possibility, since our dear colleague Leon just got a girlfriend.

If you happen to see one, do the world a favour: don’t look for Baygon immediately. Instead, leave them alone – if there’s really a need, trap them in a container and free them in the wild.

Leon will thank you personally for that.

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