People Are Paying $100 to Steven Lim Kor Kor to Sing Birthday Songs During CB Period

In these circuit breaker times where we are confined at home, we are forced to take a lot of our usual interactions to the web.

We have Netflix Parties instead of movie nights or going to the movies; we send each other food deliveries instead of going out for meals.


It is also encouraged in these times to support small local businesses, even if it sometimes doesn’t turn out well.

If you want to celebrate your friend’s birthday but is unable to as we’re all stuck at home, we have a local business to recommend you, even if it isn’t small.

Steven Lim Kor Kor Birthday Service

Our favourite local award-winning artiste management boss, club singer, Muay Thai champion, fitness trainer (according to his bio) has come up with a new way to provide us with much-needed entertainment.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

And to provide us with some motivation to exercise. He is so ripped while I’m just sitting at home snacking while watching Netflix.

In his new service, people can pay him $100 to sing birthday songs to their friends… with a little something extra.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

Holding up the photo of the birthday boy/girl, he enthusiastically sings a short Happy Birthday song verse while showing off his abs.

And at the end of the singing, he then proceeds to add in… chicken and monkey noises?

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

And with the appropriate actions to go with the sounds. He fully embraces the role.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

Is this what they call method acting?

And he has been doing this for a lot of people. He’s experiencing a pretty high level of demand.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

Like seriously, a lot of people. Even alligator fighters.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

And seriously, I can’t take my eyes off his abs.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

And he almost never fails to add in his signature chicken and monkey noises at the end of every single song sung.

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After the singing and the monkey business, he will then proceed to read out birthday dedications to the recipient – which may involve intense glares, poses, but ultimately heartwarming messages.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

And seriously, how is he so ripped?! Is it the Muay Thai?

You can check out one of his birthday wish samples here:

Send A Birthday Message!

Regardless of what you think of the price, one must admit that this is a pretty entertaining, creative, yet sweet way to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Also regardless of what you think of our favourite Steven Lim Kor Kor, don’t we all need a few laughs now and then to cope with these troubling times?

If you want to engage his service, you can probably do so on his Instagram here.

My friend’s birthday is coming up soon, maybe I’ll drop Steven Lim Kor Kor a dm.

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Wayne Loh