If you are stopped by TP, fret not: They might give you a soft toy…if you’re a safe driver!


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

Some of us have this love-hate relationship with traffic police: on one hand, we hope that they’ll catch more speeding and reckless drivers, while on the other hand, we hope not to see them on the road as we drive, for sometimes, we’ve forgotten to take a glance at our speedometer when we overtake a bus.

But let’s face it: touch our heart and we know that they’re merely doing their job—one that is, in fact, hazardous due to the long hours on the road. And if your vehicle has broken down before and you’ve waited at least 10 minutes on the road shoulder, you’ll know how scary it is when cars zoomed past you at 90 kmh as you hope that every single vehicle on stays firmly on their lane.

Well, today, at least we’ll know that being stopped by traffic police might not be so scary after all. A news report by The Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia reminded us again that sometimes, they stop you not to give you a summons but a soft toy. They stop you not for you to pay a composition fee but to give you a petrol voucher.

This programme, called “Spot the Conscientious Motorists”, has apparently been ongoing for more than a year.

I guess from now on, if you see a traffic policeman staring at you from afar, we won’t need to worry as long as we drive safely. If they stop you, remember to take a selfie with them; include the soft toy in your selfie, please.

Worker’s Party just agree with PAP on something, but there’s another reason why they did that. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand:

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