Stunning Fact: There are more germs in your pocket than a toilet seat.

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That’s right; your pocket is technically dirtier than a toilet seat, which means that every time you tuck your hand in your pocket you’re pretty much doing the equivalent of rubbing your palm against a toilet seat. Before you scream at me for spouting utter nonsensical gibberish, please let me explain why your pockets are germier than Gollum’s sole piece of cloth.

First off, we have the coins that are at least 10 times dirtier than your average toilet seat. If you’re curious why, just consider the sheer number of times coins have changed hands. The local auntie might have touched it; the local uncle might have touched it; the local guy who refuses to wash his hands after taking a shit might have touched it. If that isn’t dirty, I don’t know what is.


So every time you collect coin change from the coffee shop auntie and stash it in your pocket, you’re pretty much ‘pooing in your pocket’. Little wonder why your pocket ends up filthy and all.

Secondly, we have your phone. Being the curious individuals we are, we insist on using them wherever we go – while we are eating, while we are on the bus, while we are on the toilet seat trying to squeeze something out. Can you even comprehend the amount of germs that get slapped onto your poor phone? Once you tuck that phone back into your pocket, you’re effectively rubbing 50 percent of the accumulated germs onto your pocket.

Thirdly, whatever else you might stuff into your pocket. It might be a pack of tissue paper; it might be your house keys; it might even be your ‘did not wash hands after using the toilet’ hand. Whatever it is, your pocket’s suffering the brunt of the germ intake.

Fourthly, a routine wash is not going to get all the germs out. For one thing you would have to wash the pockets thoroughly, and nobody’s got the time for that. For two, the sheer surface area of your pants dilutes the effectiveness of bacteria killers. In the end, your pockets would always retain a certain percentage of pre-owned germs, even after a long wash. And every time you head out in that pair of pants, the germs are going to accumulate, and accumulate, and accumulate until you get swallowed by germs.

Summary? Stop being so germ-conscious when you’re practically a walking germinator.