Super Cheap Programs to Keep Fit in S’pore Without Going to the Gym

How healthy are Singaporeans?

  • The average Singaporean’s probability of dying from respiratory disease, cancer, heart disease or diabetes is at 10.1%
  • More than 1 in 10 Singaporeans are obese.
  • Singaporeans who are obese have a higher probability of diabetes and heart disease.
  • 16.3% of Singaporeans smoke, and smokers are three times more likely to get stroke and heart attacks.

source: Mount Elizabeth

There is no need to further emphasize the importance of healthy living, especially when the cost of Singapore’s medical bill is off the roof.

Unable to afford gym memberships that cost me an arm and a leg, I did a little bit of research fitness programmes that do not require me to break my bank.

Yoga Places in Singapore that cost less than S$25 per session

Some of the health benefits of Yoga are:

  • improves flexibility
  • perfects posture
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts immunity
  • Lower risk of heart attack
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Helps one focus

While it is believed to be an expensive hobby, Zen-seeking Singaporeans can now look to these gyms for their regular yoga sessions. Gone were the days where one needs to worry about the price, which ironically defeats the purpose of yoga to help one relax.

Fit Club: Workout sessions that cost less than S$5 per session

My recent Grab Hitch ride with a fitness trainer from Fit Club introduced me to their initiative.

Singapore Fit Club conducts group exercises and shares nutrition knowledge to help one achieve his health and fitness goals. These sessions are usually held after work hours at a public area in Singapore for the convenience of Singaporeans.

Their pricing is really reasonable at only S$38 for 8 sessions. Singaporeans new to Club Fit can also sign up for their First Time Trial at only S$8 for 8 fitness workouts.

*Take note, however, they are by Herbalife and has the possibility of recommending products to you. Do feel free to do your own research before purchasing.source: Fit Club

On top of that, they hold regular events such as Nutrition Workshop and My Weight Loss Competition where the winner can walk off with cash prices or a getaway trip.

Editor’s note: Enquired about their services for a severely overweight friend of mine. Was visualising my unhealthy friend getting forced to do Spartan Workout which can potentially kill him. No worries! It is not a boot camp and the instructors assess the physical qualities of every individual and adjust the intensity accordingly. 

1Fiesta: Zumba Classes at S$15 per session

Already gaining its popularity in Singapore, Zumba introduces the element of fun and dance into your workout, making your exercise routine more enjoyable.

Some of the health benefits of Zumba are:

  • Calorie and fat burning
  • Full body workout
  • Increase the strength of your heart.
  • Helps maintain good cardiovascular respiratory system

1Fiesta conducts their classes after work hours and weekends around 9 places in Singapore, and all classes are at S$15 per lesson.

Swimming: Keeping fit at less than S$2 per sessionPersonally, swimming is the least logistic heavy sports. There is no need to carry an extra pair of shoes to work and I get to be in a very comfortable attire throughout the session.

With so many swimming pools in Singapore offering per entry at less than S$2, there is no reason for someone to not give swimming a shot in his workout routine.

Some of the health benefits of Swimming are:

  • Help reduce stress
  • Burn calories
  • Help reduce chances of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes.
  • Exercise without the sweat!

Below are the rates for swimming pools around Singapore:


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Should you still prefer heading to the gym to keep fit, here is the breakdown of the cost based on another of our article:gym rates

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