The 3 Haunted Bridges in Simei That You Might Have Heard of Before

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If you live in Simei, you’d have probably heard about the three haunted bridges in Simei that connect to Tampines. Quite a handful number of people have experienced paranormal stuff during night time when crossing these bridges.

The first bridge is located at Simei park. There are huge trees on both side of the bridge and its branches and leaves face you when you are on top of the bridge.

Some people claimed that they saw a white shadowy figure with red eyes sitting on one of the branches while they were crossing the bridge from Tampines to Simei.

The bridge now has a shelter covering, but rumour has it that sometimes, when one is crossing the bridge, loud scratches can be heard on the roof of the shelter.

Spooky, indeed. Especially when it’s at midnight.

The second bridge is between the first bridge and the MRT track. Though not as scary as the first one, a woman’s scream can sometimes be heard in the middle of the night. The origin might not be from the bridge though, as the MRT track could have contributed to the sounds.

The final bridge is located right after the MRT track. If you hear a voice calling you from behind when you’re crossing it at night, never, ever turn back. Y

ou won’t see anything if you turn back at first, but when you turn back to face the front, you’ll see a long-haired woman dressed in white standing right in front of you.

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