The area your pimple pop out and what it says about your body

Argh, pimples. Don’t you hate it when they pop up out of the blue and especially when you least need them?

You probably know the best makeup tips and tricks to cover up these annoying bumps, but the next time it appears, you probably would want to pay more attention to them as it can show a lot about how your body is doing on the inside.

However, do take these lightly as we are not doctors here. If your pimple do get worse, please do consult a doctor instead.

Hairline / Forehead

Pimples on your hairline can be caused by the improper removal of makeup or the usage of your hair products that may be clogging the pores. Getting pimples on your forehead might also be signs of stress and not sleeping well.

Between the Brows

Getting pimples between the brows might be signs that your digestive systems are not working well. So drink more water and eat lesser junk food to prevent them from recurring!


Getting pimples on the nose or even near your eyes might indicate that your livers are not functioning as optimally, so avoid greasy and unhealthy food for a while! Sometimes, stress can also cause pimples to form around your nose.


If there are annoying bumps forming on your cheeks, it might be caused due to the unclean removal of makeup or clogging of pores from using objects like your phones when the germs are transferred onto your face. So do remember to cleanse every night and wipe your phones clean before using them!


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Pimples on your chin might be a sign that your digestive tract is not doing well, or a hormonal imbalance due to your menstrual cycle. Therefore, you can decrease their effects by drinking enough water, getting plenty of rest and also eating more leafy vegetables! Also, try not to rest on your chin with your hands to prevent dirt and oil from transferring!

Around your mouth

When pimples start occurring around your mouth, it would have to do with your diet as well as the greasy remains from eating that are clogging your pores. It will be best if you use facial cleansing wipes to remove the dirt around your mouth after you eat!

Chest & Back

Wearing tight-fitting clothing can sometimes soak your sweat and clog up your pores especially when you are working out. Wearing too much clothes that are made of cotton have a higher chance of irritating your skin, so do consider other options like polyster-spandex band and microfibers which will be less harsh on your skin!

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Cassandra is a professional glutton and a lifestyle blogger who is always chasing the latest food trends in town. She documents her gastronomical adventures on her blog ( and on her Instagram page (@cforcassan)