The Bedok haunted cupboard that will make you think twice before taking free stuff


Last Updated on 2016-11-12 , 1:53 pm

You might think getting free stuff is great, especially when it’s something you have always wanted or needed. But is it really ‘free’?

Thinking back, my neighbor once told me about a story when he got a cupboard off the HDB void deck.

According to him, he had seen it lying near a flight of steps when he was on the way to work, but thought nothing of it at first. When he saw it again on the way home, however, he considered it and decided to take it home. For one thing his old cupboard was pretty run-down, and for second this abandoned cupboard looked relatively new and spacious.
Once he had it placed neatly in a corner of his room, he proceeded to open the cupboard doors to put the hangers up, only to see a strange set of red lip stains on the side mirror. Creasing his eyebrows, he went back, got a piece of tissue and wiped the red mark off, before hanging all the hangers and clothes inside.

The next morning when he wanted to get a fresh set of clothes for the day’s work, he saw the same exact set of lip stains on the side mirror. Frowning, he wiped it off again and took what he needed, before closing the doors.

That night, he reached home late, not at all because of his arrogant boss at work. After taking a quick shower, he stepped into his room and opened the cupboard doors, wanting to get his set of pajamas.

The first thing he saw was that his set of pajamas was being worn by someone. Right inside the cupboard. In fact, every set of clothing hanged on a hanger was being worn by someone.


And the people wearing the clothes were all hung onto the hanger by their necks.

Taken aback he leaped back, only to see the same lip stains on the side mirror. He could only watch on as the lip stains slowly became someone’s lips, and the lips on a woman’s face. Slowly, the woman started to open her mouth, and a torrent of red blood streamed into the mirror, coloring it a dark red right before his eyes.

One moment he was still sane, the next he was screaming his lungs out and slamming against the front door even though he had the keys clutched in his right fist. He rammed for five whole minutes before his neighbor, alerted by the noise, came out to help.

Once he came back to his senses he pleaded for the neighbor to help him dispose of the cupboard, and together they took it all the way back down and to the rubbish bin chute. Till this day he doesn’t dare touch anything ‘free’, and would always advise others against taking free stuff. Yep you guessed right, with this story. And I must say it works pretty well.

You know, just yesterday I heard my friend saying, “I have always disliked my current cupboard, and just recently saw a pretty chic one at my void deck…”

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