The Creepy Unsolved Real-Life Death Caught in Tape: Elisa Lam

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The death of Elisa Lam in 2013 could have been one of the most mysterious, and creepiest, deaths to occur so far. There is a long Wikipedia page about her death, and people are still talking about it after two years.

Be warned, though: if you’ve got a weak heart, don’t read this.

In 2013, Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. In January, she started a solo trip to Southern California, posting her plans on her blog.

On 26 January 2013, she checked in to Cecil Hotel, and two days later, when her roommates complained about her odd behaviour, she was given a room of her own. Every day, she had been communicating with her parents in British Columbia.

But in 31 January 2013, her parents did not receive her call. Fearing for her safety, they informed the police that conducted investigations and a search. According to a bookstore manager nearby, she saw Elisa in the bookstore and she was “outgoing, very lively, very friendly”.

Hotel staff saw her that day as well, and she was alone throughout. The police conducted an extensive search but could not find her. One week later, the search extended beyond the police as flyers were posted around the area and social network was used to locate her.

Another week later, the police released a chilling video that was taken on the day that Elisa was declared missing. Just take a look before you continue reading.

There might be a few things that you missed out: firstly, do you notice that the lift door was apparently malfunctioning when Elisa was in it?

When she exited, it miraculously worked. There were many theories, but one stood out most: that she was trying to get to “another dimension” through something known as the “Elevator Game”—a way to enter visit the netherworld through a lift.

Whatever it is, it caused a big hoo-ha everywhere. Soon, people in the hotel reported cases of low water pressure and that the tap water was slightly discoloured. On 19 February 2013 morning, an employee went to the water tank at the roof, in which it was completely inaccessible to others due to a lock, and found Elisa’s body—with her face up.

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The clothes of what she worn in the lift was floating beside her. According to the autopsy report, she was not attacked nor sexually assaulted—suicide was ruled out as well. In addition, no alcohol nor recreational drugs were found in her body.

In other words, no one knew why she was there. The other mystery was how she got there. A key and password are required to access the roof, and any unauthorised entry would trigger an alarm.

Also, to get into the tank, one would need a ladder to climb over. It’s almost impossible for her to be in there. Now that you’re already shivering, here’s one more fact that will give you nightmares: remember the blog that was mentioned earlier?

Yes, even after her death, her blog was still being updated.

Every six months. You can go Google for her blog (it’s still active), but we won’t dare to link it because…it’s getting colder in the office for no reason.