The Foolproof Way of Knowing if That Girl (or Guy) is Interested in You

I love Tinder. If two people mutually swipe right on each other, it means green light to make your move. Unless the other person was swiping while sleepwalking, which kind of makes me wanna slap those who swipe right on me and don’t reply.

But until some genius scientist invents a way for us to “swipe” each other in real life, one of the biggest mysteries in the history of mankind is guessing whether someone is attracted to you.

Is that girl interested in me? Does that guy like me? How can I know?

Today we’re going to reveal one of the biggest open secrets that the Casanovas, Romeos and Christian Greys since your grandfather’s time have known – Eye Contact. This is by far the easiest way to tell if someone likes you.

This is the ultimate way to find out if a stranger is interested in you and whether it would be worth your time to walk up to him/her and say hi. Without further ado, it’s time to upgrade your eye contact game.

What You Need

You don’t need to complete a PhD in social psychology or attend a course on body language at the FBI. All you need is good eyesight, this means if you’re short-sighted and you’ve forgotten to put on your contact lenses, then it’s not going to work.

How It Works

All you need to do is to observe who is stealing glances at you. Try this the next time you’re on the train, in a shopping mall, or bored in a lecture hall. Look around and detect all the eye contact being thrown your way.

Unless you look like a weirdo or you resemble Lady Gaga in her Halloween costume, someone finds you attractive when he/she is giving you a more-than-normal amount of eye contact.

It’s especially useful when you’re in a group or walking/talking with someone else. When you’re engaged, your admirers tend to have a false sense of security that “oh he can’t do anything even if he catches me looking at him, so I guess I’ll just go ahead and admire his cute nose”.

Fun Fact: Every single day, there are people “swiping right” on you in real life, but you fail to recognise it. The next time you’re walking down Orchard Road with some friends, try maintaining normal conversation with the person beside you but catch who’s looking at you.

A cute guy/girl gazing at you? That’s an invitation to approach him/her.

How else do you think human beings hook up before technology?

Is There A Difference Between Men And Women?

Yes, as you might expect. Men, especially shameless ones like me, tend to be more indiscriminate in ogling at eye candies. Ladies, being more sensitive to subtle emotional cues, tend to be more discreet when sending their own signals – their eye contact may be very subtle and you might not notice if you’re not observant enough.

While men can be more brazen at staring, women may look out from the corner of their eyes. Singaporeans, in general, tend to be more shy and will look away immediately when you catch them looking at you.

What To Do If You See Someone Eyeballing You

  1. Maintain eye contact with that person. Don’t be the first to break eye contact.
  2. Smile or half-smile. If he/she smiles back, you’re good to go.
  3. If he/she looks away and then looks back at you within the next 60 seconds, game on.
  4. Walk up to him/her confidently and introduce yourself.
  5. Exchange numbers after small talk, or go on an instant date if you’re both available at the moment.
  6. Good job. You’ve just experienced Tinder in real life and how your grandparents did it before online dating.

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