The item you choose to steal can reveal the type of friend that you are

Alright, we’ve done a lot on what you choose and how you react in certain situations reveal your character and personality. Today, let’s do something a little different. Let us test the system and break the law a lil bit.

So, you’re hiking in the middle of a forest when you come across this abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Seeing nobody around and too curious for your own good, you make your way into the house after looking around you furtively. While you’re inside, you see things that are pretty interesting, from plates that’s so cute your girlfriend will definitely want to an exotic knife that calls to your inner-caveman. Feeling particularly adventurous, you decide to take one of these items for your own.

What would you choose? The item you choose will show the likely cause of your conflicts with your friends. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this test yourself and see if this reflects the problem you currently have in your friendships.

A plate with a picture on it

What are the causes of your conflicts with friends2

You’re a prideful creature, and most of the times, often unintentionally, you laughed loudly at your friends without consideration for their feelings. Your problem is not being mindful of your actions and words, and forgetting that what you imagined to be a funny and harmless joke, might just turn out to be incredibly hurtful.

A map and a compass


If you pick these items, it shows that you’re a serious individual. However, it might also show that you tend to forget the time and meeting places for your appointment with your friends, which pisses them off because half the time, they’re just waiting around for you to finally show your damn face. Make sure to check your schedule and leave house earlier on time just to ward off any unfortunate situations in the future. There’s only so much waiting a friend can do, right?

A beautifully designed knife


You’re an attention seeker. Plain and simple, and you can’t help but do that because, well, that’s just the way you are. Be sure to be mindful of the situation, and when it’s time for your friend to come into the limelight, let him or her do so and be happy for her because your friend has done plenty of times for you. What goes around comes around mah.



You believe that you’re always right. Even when you’re wrong. You’re likely to give constructive criticisms, or that’s what you think. In reality, it just seems like you’re pushing your way of thinking onto others. If you still have friends around you, cut back on your “I’m right” comment and just bask in the harmonious atmosphere. Because they still tahan your irritating attitude and remain friends with you, they at least deserve that much, right?

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