The length of your pinky reveals how confident you are in life

How confident are you in life? Do you go past each day breezily, self-assured in your prowess and always of the thought that the world throw at you, you’ll be able to overcome it eventually? Or do you go by each day wondering when the other shoe is going to drop, stopping yourself from being too jubilant because Murphy’s Law will come into play.

Are you the former or the latter? Or maybe, just like most of us, you’re a mix of the two? Well, you’ll be surprised but this is what we found online and we couldn’t help but share it with you. Did you know that the length of your pinky actually reveals how confident you are in life? Here’s what your pinky says about you.



Picture2You are attractive and confident. People are drawn to you like moths to a light because they want to have some of your confidence in their life. Of course, this will stroke your ego and you’ll find that sometimes, you can be over-confident. Keep yourself down to earth or you might find the saying, pride comes before a fall.


Picture3People with short pinky fingers tend to be shy and less confident. But really, that’s because you’re holding yourself back. Just try letting yourself go and give life your best shot and you might just find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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Source: buzzquiz

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