The love story of Edmund Chen & Xiang Yun is unexpectedly un-un-unbelievable!

We should all be familiar with Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun, the celebrity couple that firstly does not age, and secondly has been our favourite couple since we were born.

In fact, some of us weren’t even born when they got married! Other than the fact that they look like 45 when they’re 54, do you know that they’ve got a pretty interesting love story to tell?

No, it’s not as dramatic or melodramatic as the ones in Channel 8 drama, but at least it’s interesting enough to be written here.

So, basically, long before you were born, in 1989 (okay, maybe some of you were already born or might be older than them lah), Edmund Chen was then a relatively new actor after completing his acting training in the then SBC drama training course about two years back.

Xiang Yun had already risen to fame with her 1984 blockbuster drama series The Awakening.

Edmund met Xiang Yun in the 1989 铁警雄风, a drama about police, in particular, traffic police.  

Initially, Xiang Yun saw the then newbie Edmund as someone who was always plugged into his Walkman. They finally dated, and guess what happened? Within three months, they got married.

Yeah. Three months.

According to Xiang Yun herself, what happened was that she was then already 29—and she “really wanted to get married”. Edmund hasn’t revealed much, but Edmund apparently was the person who suggested marrying after a few months. Xiang Yun was then still in the honeymoon stage, with her heart beating faster when she was with him.

As it became sort of a big “media circus” when reporters found out about it, as celebrities getting married to each other was unheard of then, they went on with it.

After that, they realised they had some differences, and read this well: they settled their differences and made it work. I don’t know about you, but that itself is something commendable.

So next time, if someone says that you get married too early, you know what to do!

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