The market rate for ang pao to wife is nothing compared to the rate to husband


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:57 pm

A few days back, we wrote about the ang bao market rate that husbands or boyfriends have to give to their partner during Chinese New Year done by 65daigou, in which a husband is expected to give about $2,000 to $10,000 to his wife.

As you can expect, it went pretty viral—in fact, the ang bao rate card image itself is extremely viral, which we believed is shared primarily by wives. If you’ve forgotten, here it is.

Image:  Facebook (65daigou)
Facebook (65daigou)

Well, we debunked the myth by Googling for information about husbands giving wives ang bao, in which we found nothing.

But lo and behold—another ang bao rate card surfaced, this time from news website . Why is this must-share news by husbands?

Simply because now, we believe spouses should really give ang baos to each other.

Image: Facebook (
Image: Facebook (

Now, husbands and boyfriends, it’s time to strike back.


You can check out the image from Mustsharenews Facebook here.

CC: All wives and girlfriends who are expecting ang baos this Chinese New Year.

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