The new proposed names of Compass Point are just so uncreative

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Compass Point, the shopping mall beside Sengkang MRT station was closed on 26 October for renovations and will only be reopened sometime late next year. With a new look and design, Compass Point is also on a search for its new name. A contest was opened to the public to submit names for inspiration and here are the 8 names that were selected.

  • Sengkang Central Mall
  • Sengkang Mall
  • One Sengkang
  • SengKang Square
  • One Sengkang Square
  • Sengkang One
  • #1 Sengkang Square
  • 1SM

The contest was held to collate public opinions for the mall and $1000 cash were prepared to be given away. The 8 selected submissions allowed the these participants to walk away with a Nets CashCard.


Apart from congratulating them, my first honest thought when I saw the names was “Huh?” Seems like the selection team took a liking to the mall having “Sengkang” in its name since it’s just so conveniently located there. But, come on, I’m sure there were better and more interesting names submitted, right? You can do better than this, Compass Point.

I even have to agree with the comments that said “Compass Point in the best”. Definitely the best, especially when compared with the boring trend of naming a mall after the place. Well, why not just name it Sengkang point then? You know, like how you named Yew Tee point?

Well, that’s exactly it. Do you really need the public to come up with names like Sengkang Mall or Sengkang Square? Even if you have extra CashCards for giveaway, it doesn’t seem right…You could at least have just selected 4 names or mix in some different ones? What’s the fun in choosing all that is the same. Oh well, still I’m not in the selection panel and I don’t get to choose the name anyway.

Hopefully the revamped Compass Point will serve the town well.