The Old Police Academy Toilet Ghost Story That Allegedly Started the Buddy System

This story is a very old one. But most, if not all, of those who passed out from the Old Police Academy would know of this story.

One of the reasons why there is the so-called buddy system in the army was because many of the old camps in the past were once used to keep Prisoners of War during the Japanese Occupation.

But there was no such system before this incident.

It was about 2:45 a.m. at then when Ali needed to go to the toilet. He woke Ahmad up and the both of them went to the toilet quietly.

As Ali reached the toilet, he went straight into one of the cubicles while Ahmad peed at the urinal. “Eh! You stomachache ah?” shouted Ahmad.

There was no response.

After Ahmad was done, he shouted to Ali telling him he will wait outside the toilet.

After about 10 minutes plus, Ali was still not out of the toilet. Ahmad, being very tired, decided to rush Ali, thinking he might have fallen asleep in the toilet. *COCK COCK COCK* PAUSE *COCK COCK COCK* PAUSE.

The same knocking sound was heard from the inside of the cubicle. “Eh not funny leh! Cepat la bodoh!”

This time, there was no response, Ahmad decided to take a peek to see what he’s up to. As he squatted down to peek, he saw a long hair woman dress in dress with blood and open wounds all over her face staring back, asking “You finally found out ah?”

Ahmad fainted on the spot.

When he woke up, he thought that he was just having a nightmare but his buddy was not in bed. “Alamak, where is he ah? Want to kena slap already.”

Kanjiong, Ahmad went to the toilet with another bunkmate to look for Ali and found out that Ali was lying in a pool of blood seated on the toilet bowl.

After the incident, the buddy system was applied to all uniformed organization under the government.

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