The one-stop guide to makeup 101 for the beginner

What’s the best way to wear make up? There’s no definite answer to this question as a girl can apply make up as fun as they want to. Experimenting with shades and shapes – every person has their own way of creating a certain look at any occasion. However, if you are a beginner in the make up artistry, this guide can give you a hint on what you really need before you start your experiment.

1. Moisturizer

What does it do?
Just like how it’s named. A moisturizing agent helps to moist your skin. Moisturizing creams come in different types, such as with or without SPF, or with whitening property, etc.
Make sure you’ve washed your hands before you use your fingers to apply moisturizing cream to your face. Give a nice little massage from the center to the outward of your face, and to your neck.

2. Primer

What does it do?
The secret to a smooth make up look (that also lasts longer), is primer! This is the base of all make up. So, before you put anything else to your face (even before your BB cream), this product should be applied evenly onto your face, down to your neck. A primer can also help to make your foundation sit longer and smoother.

3. Foundation
Newbie’s guide to make up - foundation
What does it do?
A foundation has that covering effect for your skin so it can appear flawless without any blemish.
Foundation is the base of those beautiful shades of your lipsticks, blush-on, and eye shadows. A tinted foundation can have different color tone that you can choose to match your skin’s.
Squeeze a small-size of foundation to the back of your palm and start the application from the center of your face; work it outward. You might want to use brush or sponge to distribute the foundation evenly but our fingers have that natural warmth to smoothen the foundation on your skin.

4. Concealer
Newbie’s guide to make up - concealer
What does it do?
Obviously, concealer is a correcting agent – it helps to conceal any dark circles or blemish spots.
Some people apply concealer first before the foundation. However, you can reverse the order because concealer can disguise scars, black spots or dark under eyes better when it’s applied on top of the the foundation. You can apply concealer using brush or sponge to minimize any flaw.
When picking a concealer shade, always choose a tone that’s lighter than your skin color.

5. Eyeshadow
Newbie’s guide to make up - eyeshadow
What does it do?
Eyeshadows can make your eyes look attractive (and dramatic)
There are many ways to apply eye shadows but before you master all the styles, you can start by picking dark matte colors or something shimmery. Once you learn how to apply the beautiful shades to your crease then you can experiment with anything you like.
Eyeshadows come in different textures such as cream and powder. If you’re a beginner, eyeshadow powder can be a great choice to prevent any smudge on your first attempt (in case you have a problem to blend the colors).

6. Powder
Newbie’s guide to make up - powder
What does it do?
Face powder is the finishing touch after all your make up is set. It can also remove the excessive oil and helps the make up to last longer. In case you apply to much blush on your cheekbones, you can also use face powder to lighten the color and make a softer look.

7. Eyeliner

What does it do?
Eyeliner defines your eyes and makes them look attractive. It can be difficult to draw the lines but using pencil liner, this job should be much easier to do than when you’re using liquid liner. It’s also a must-have product for newbies who want to start their makeup course.




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