The only 5 reasons why you should stay in contact with your ex

1. If you have a child or pet together
If you had children or pets with your ex, it means that you will still be part of each others’ lives even after splitting up. A split can be really traumatic for kids or pets due to the big differences it causes in their lives, so staying on conversational terms with your ex will make the transition smoother for all.

2. You work together
If your ex was a co-worker in your office, you would probably have to see him or her when you go about your rounds. It’s inadvisable to allow any negative emotions to leak into the workplaceit could influence your work and worse, your job itself. Instead, maintain a professional behaviour, and try to stay on good terms with your ex.

3. You’re in the same group of friends
So what happens is that you were both in the same group of friends and now that you have split up, you’re pondering on whether to stop seeing your friends just because you don’t want to see your ex anymore.


Perhaps on the other side your ex is contemplating the same too. Well, guess what, you should throw those ideas out of the window. If you’re honest with yourself, you would know that you don’t actually want to stop seeing your friends, and they don’t want to stop seeing either of you.

Nothing damages a group dynamic worse than resentful exes causing everyone to take sides. Instead, put your differences aside and it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

4. You’ve truly moved on
By truly moving on, I mean not having many lingering feelings for your ex and that you wouldn’t mind even if he or she starts going out with someone else. After all, it’s hard to be friends with someone if you’re still affectionate towards them or hoping that you two might reunite someday.

However, if you’ve both genuinely moved on, and would truly be glad to see them happy in a new relationship, then there’s no reason whatsoever why you can’t be friends.

5. Great friends before Friends have a natural chemistry that can’t really be put into words, and that’s why you were friends in the first place. So it’s pretty understandable why some friends would want to try out dating since that natural chemistry could easily be confused with affection for each other.

But, if you both realise that dating isn’t really working out for you, don’t allow that complication to destroy your great pre-existing friendship. After all, friends over lovers, right?

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