The origins of the top 10 Running Man melodies are pretty interesting!


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Many of us Running Man fans are aware that one of the factors that made Running Man so successful is its music. But do you know that the music used are either popular musical compositions or theme songs of movies or dramas? For example, Lee Kwang Soo’s theme song, “Saint Agnes and the Burning Train”, is apparently a song dedicated to a deceased parent?

Well, now that you know, here’re the origins of the top 10 Running Man songs (except for Lee Kwang Soo’s theme song since we’ve written an article about it)!

Yoo Jae Suk’s theme song
This is one of the most popular theme songs in Running Man, but it’s apparently an extremely popular song in the 90s as well. Sung by boy band New Kids on the Block, they’re still active, and I wonder whether they know a Korean superstar has made one of their old songs so popular in Asia now.

Yoo-ames Bond’s theme song
When our favourite Yoo Jae Suk turns into Yoo-ames Bond, you’ll hear this. Do you know that it’s apparently a song for the Bourne movies? Bet you find it familiar only now, eh?

Kim Jong Kook’s theme song
This song strikes fear in all members, for when you hear it, it means a tiger Kim Jong Kook is angry. Apparently, this song is a theme song from the 2007 movie, Beowulf, and the name of the song is aptly titled “What we need is a tiger hero”.

Theme song of a love story
When you hear this, another five-minute romance has taken place. It’s actually a song released in 2005 by Korean boy band, Sweet Sorrow. Just look at the MV and you’ll understand that it’s so 2005.


Ji Suk Jin’s theme song
While you might feel pity for Suk Jin when this song is played, it’s apparently a popular song by Park Jin Young, also known as JYP. Called ‘The House You Live In”, it’s one of the early songs that JYP recorded before he became the CEO of the popular entertainment company, JYP Entertainment. Yeah, weird that Ji Suk Jin, a businessman-wannabe, has a theme song sung by a successful businessman, eh?

Haha’s theme song
You might not hear this quite often nowadays as Haha is now married, but here’s its history anyway: It’s a popular song released in 2002 and sung by currently still active singer Lutricia McNeal.

Gary’s funny theme song
Actually, our dear Gary has a few theme songs, but we still like this best because it just sounds so…funny. As you can tell, it’s Gary’s song (Leessang) called “Let’s Meet Now” (or some called it “Our Meeting”). Just in case you’re not aware, Leessang has both sad songs that’ll make you cry…and songs like this. We did say before that Gary is a very talented guy, right?

Easy Brothers’ Theme Song
Our weakest and cutest Easy Brothers’ theme song is based on a music in a 2011 Korea movie, Supermonkey Return. I bet you know by now that it’s a comedy!


Lee Kwang Soo: OUT!
I don’t know what to name this, so this is the best title. Anyway, this is from a video based on the Romance of the Three Kingdom. Surprised that a game music can be so popular now, eh?

Scary Theme Song
If you find this remotely familiar, it’ s because it’s the theme from the highly popular US drama, Prison Break. But to be honest, it has been played so often that it’s no longer…scary?

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