The Perfect Way To Makan Maggie Mee: Add Peanut Butter. Here Are The Facts

As we all know, Japan is the country that has the weirdest and most delicious cup noodles flavours ever. From the usual chicken flavour to a slightly weird cheese curry flavour to the very strange milk seafood flavour, Japan seems to have all sorts of flavours but it seems like there is one sort of odd flavour that they didn’t know they could add to cup noodles – peanut butter. Yes, you read that right. Adding in peanut butter into your boring instant noodles could possibly provide your dull meal with a fun and delicious twist.

It seems like people have been adding peanut butter to their instant noodles for a few years now but the Japan never knew of this trick.

Open a packet of instant noodles but don’t put the seasonings from the packet in. Boil the instant noodles with water and scoop a spoonful of smooth peanut butter into the mix. Take note, it is smooth peanut butter, not the chunky ones. If you wish, you add a tiny bit of sesame oil or any vegetables of your choice into the boil.

Take it all out and serve. It will taste similar to the very popular phad thai dish that you can get in Thailand, except this is in soup version. If you prefer it dry, you can also cook the noodles and drain out the water then add the peanut butter into the pot. We know it sounds kinda strange but try it out for yourself! Well-known celebrity cook, Martha Stewart did it as well. If you don’t trust us, at least trust the celebrity.

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