The Reason Why Abalone Is So Expensive Has Nothing To Do With Its Taste

Abalone is a must-have at CNY for as long as we can remember. It is one of the ‘rare’ delicacies that the Chinese love, together with the likes of shark fin and bird’s nest.

While it is very expensive, many people simply don’t find it all that delicious, with some describing it as having a tough, rubbery and dull flavor. So why is it so expensive?

Abalone is rare

One reason for its price is that it is rare. It doesn’t grow in every part of the world-only certain lucky shorelines contain these precious babies.

And as we all understand the rule of supply and demand, the price of abalone naturally shoots up when it’s supply is so limited. In addition, harvesting abalone is tough work.

Unlike many kinds of fish, where a single haul of the net can harvest a tonne, abalone has to be handpicked one by one. A diver has to dive into the sea to look for them, pick a few, then carry it back to shore before starting all over again.

It is very labour-intensive and the yield is very low. Hence explains the price. But why don’t people just stop eating it since it doesn’t taste that good anyway?

Certainly, although abalone can taste like heaven at the hands of a talented chef, one can argue that many other forms of food can taste much better at a lower cost, so why do we still eat it?

We can ask all of our grannies who are all big fans of these shelled creatures and still not get a satisfying answer. We at Goody Feed, think that we might just solve the riddle.

In the past, certain kinds of food are just so uncommon and difficult to capture, that risk of getting the food far outweighs any health benefit (if any) or gratification from eating it.

So generally people don’t consider them food. But then, there is always this pretty guy dressed in fancy robes sitting on a fancy chair with the title “Emperor” who eats them – just because he can.

Shark fin, abalone, bear paws, tiger meat… nothing of extra good taste or real health benefits, but just because it’s rare.

So when commercial farming made abalone much more affordable to the public, people go crazy over them. “These were food only the emperor can eat!” So, now you get why that can of abalone is so frigging expensive, don’t you?

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