The Reason Why Instant Noodles Have to be Cooked for 3 Min Has Nothing to Do With The Food


Last Updated on 2018-10-10 , 4:55 pm

For all I can remember (and I’m sure it’s the same for everyone), the time you need to cook instant noodles is always three minutes—whether it’s packaged instant noodles or cup noodles.

With technology advancing faster than we can catch up, have you ever wondered why it has not improved to, say, just three seconds?

I mean, when we were still using pagers, we’ve already got instant noodles. Now our smartphones can even watch a full video. Where the heck is instant noodles’ progress?

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Sit back now and be prepared for the shocking truth: you’ll never, ever see a cup of instant noodles that promises less than three minutes. If so, it’s going to be off the shelf soon.


The truth is, technology has improved a lot—there’re now instant noodles that can be cooked within one minute or less. However, studies have shown that a three-minute wait is the ideal waiting time.

If you wait for just one minute, you’ll still not be that hungry after seeing the noodles.

Two minutes is a little too short as well.

Three minutes and it’ll be just nice: you’ll be hungry, and it will magically become tastier due to your hungry.


Why not four, five or even ten minutes?

The studies show that if you wait for four minutes or more, you’ll get impatient and therefore would have fed your hunger with anger.

Weird, indeed.

In Japan, they tried selling one-minute instant noodles and guess what? Sales of that are very bad. That’s why now, you can still see two-minute instant noodles, which is pretty close to three minutes. But essentially, three minutes is still the ideal time.

So next time you wonder about the progress of instant noodles, don’t think that there’ve not been any money being pumped into R&D of instant noodles.

It’s just that instant noodles are meant to make money, so the R&D has shown that even after one hundred years, it’ll still make instant noodles that take three minutes to cook.

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