The Reason Why Jay Chou Gave Up on Having 5 Children is just tooooo Sweet!

Jay Chou has done it again. He is just destroying the cool and aloof image he had on stage by being one of the sweetest men around. Recently, there was an article of him allegedly renting out the entire sixth floor of a confinement hotel near his house for his wife Hannah Quinlivan.

Today, we came across another piece of information that shows him in a positive light. I’m sure that we all remember that Jay Chou wanted five kids when he gets married. In his first sit-down interview since he disclosed his imminent fatherhood, he said that he has given up on his dream of having five children.

And his reason for doing so? He says that he gave up on this dream because he had seen how hard it was for his wife during her pregnancy with his first child, and he could not bear to see her go through it again. “I see how tired my wife is. We will just have enough children.”

His wife Hannah Quinlivan often has nausea during her pregnancy period and was sickly throughout. She frequently has cramps at night and Jay Chou has to massage and comfort her through her pain.

The sweet and caring behavior of Jay Chou towards his wife has cemented even more support for him from his fans. When you see Jay Chou in the past, who would have thought that he will turn out to be such a sweet and caring husband?

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